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We inspire your corporate and leadership culture.

We bring your structures and processes in line.

We ensure the acceptance and implementation of your projects.

Services Changepoint Technology

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Why we are right for the job!

Causes rather than symptoms

What is the cause of the problem? Is an expensive solution really necessary or would a few minor actions be enough? We dig up the actual problem and prevent you from spending unnecessary amounts of money and wasting important resources.

Keeping an eye on hard and soft issues

Most problems consist of functional as well as interpersonal issues. We always consider all sides of a problem and focus on integrated solutions.


Statistically speaking, the success of 66% of projects depends on the acceptance of the involved staff. By involving the affected employees early and implementing reliable communication processes, we secure the sustainable success of our projects.

Factory for business transformation

The organizational performance is a strategic management issue, but even more so a craftsmanship acquired over a long period of time. We start off with an integrated analysis and support in finding a solution.

Innovative leadership

Intrinsically motivated employees boost the company’s results. We help executives becoming change companions and help them motivating their employees by means of innovative management principles.

Impart knowledge

We like making ourselves redundant. Therefore, we involve you, our customer, throughout the whole process of finding solutions and implementing change. This way, we build up further methodical competences as we go along.