That is Changepoint

Factory for business transformation

Our focus:
We ensure happy and engaged employees by creating amazing corporate cultures.

2008 in Hamburg

Factory for agile transformation

Our focus:
We ensure the competitiveness of our customers in the age of digitalization by making them innovative leaders.

2015 in Hamburg

Our Team

All Changepoint employees are connected by their extensive change management affinity as well as their passion for their work. We consider all sustainable improvements we put into place for our customers as our personal success as well.

Changepoint Team

Your contact person (from left to right):
Kerstin Bombe (Accounting), Andreas Zimmermann (Managing Director), Julia Schütte (HR), Anja Mönnich (Marketing)

Get a first impression of our team and of why we are special…

… average experience in consulting of 5 to 10 years
Profit from our extensive experience in different sectors and industries.

…distinct functional competencies:
Reorganisation, organisational development, process optimisation, project management, IT management as well as coaching and training.

…profound management know-how
in combination with a focus on computer science and engineering.

… exceptional social competency
Intuitive handling of cultural, political as well as interpersonal situations.

Additionally, we are able to draw on a set pool of further experts in particular cases.

Our industry focus

CHANGEPOINT is active in the following industries, particularly in development and production -intensive enterprises:

  • Automotive industry
  • Logistics
  • Aerospace
  • Pharmacy
  • Wind energy