Project: Corporate culture analysis
Customer: International pharmaceutical company

An international pharmaceutical company commissioned us with the analysis of its corporate culture by means of the Denison model. The objective was to compare the corporate culture to other companies based on benchmark in order then to initiate improvements.

After the online survey among all employees throughout the company location the results of the survey were explained to the top management level, discussed, and further actions were agreed on. The next step was to discuss the results with different teams and divisions of the company, to identify fields of actions, and to develop concreate measures.

We actively supported the internal project management in terms of project structuring whereby we ensured know-how-transfer. We also coached selected internal moderators in order to enable them to run and facilitate culture-workshops independently.

With the help of the Denison culture analysis and the subsequent in-depth work with the survey results significant fields of action were identified. A long-term implementation of the resulting measures was prepared.
Due to the intensive discussion as a part of the project the corporate culture gained in importance and image within the company and now ranks high on the agenda of all executives.