Culture development

>> Culture eats strategy for breakfast <<
(Prof. Peter Drucker)

The success of a company is determined by a well-functioning corporate culture.

In best case …

  • everyone makes his contribution,
  • all areas are matched to one another,
  • the objective is clear,
  • and the focus is concentrated on the customer!

We inspire your corporate and leadership culture.

Do you know your company’s culture? With Changepoint you will find out how your business really ‘ticks’.

If you do not know where the challenges are, it is hard to proceed efficiently. Therefore we are working with our preferred partner Denison Consulting and use the Denison cultural analysis.

A company’s culture can be described as its DNS. It defines how its employees think and how they act when nobody is watching.

Therefore, no doubt remains regarding the importance of business culture. Many different studies proved the strong interrelation between a business’s culture and its outcome.
But how can culture be measured, compared or improved? The solution to all this has been developed by Prof. Daniel Denison (IMD Lausanne) in the US, and is applied in Europe by us.

  • Tried, tested and and continuously developed in the US for more than 20 years!
  • Benchmark with more than 1000 companies!
  • Individual guidance by Changepoint in Germany and your international locations.
Executive Coaching

Changes have become normal in the daily life of entrepreneurs and managers. This could be e.g. taking over a new position, managing a company or business unit during a crisis or new professional orientation. The chances and risks are very high. If the entrepreneur and manager is getting the situation handled successfully, the next step in the career can be taken soon.

During change situations of entrepreneurs and managers a coach is a very important partner. He supports the coachee or teams to find his/their own solution. By using efficient coaching tools and interviewing techniques, the certified CHANGEPOINT°ADVISORY coaches are able to fasten the progress. During the coaching process for the individuals or teams our coaches are taking their own position if necessary and give advice in their areas of expertise. Due to the different backgrounds of our coaches, we are able to provide a wide range of areas and competent partner for your needs.

Project examples *

Corporate cultural analysis

* We are working with our clients in highly confidential frame conditions. Therefore we ask you for your understanding, that we cannot share any details of our clients.