Demography in companies

The demographic development in Germany is on everyone’s lips. But consequences or reactions are only seen partly and in certain areas. A positive example is the area of marketing where the ‘Silver Ager Marketing’ plays an increasing part. In trade a customized approach is especially seen in promotion activities in order to exploit the sales potential in the group of so-called ‘Best Agers’. Already recognized as an interesting consumer target group some time ago, the situation in dealing with older workers is quite different.

Development is challenge and opportunity at the same time!

Most companies are still not prepared for the challenges triggered by the demographic transition. Through shifting age structures an extended working life and the lack of young professionals many companies will lose half of their total workforce by reaching the retirement age over the next 10 years. In addition to that, poor knowledge transfer processes and the intensification of skill shortages will challenge companies on different levels. This can be understood by a professional management and be seen as an opportunity since it opens opportunities to benefit from these changes as a strategic and profitably competitive.

Establishing high productivity and knowledge transfer!
The challenges are essential in two certain areas: working conditions and knowledge transfer. In order for older employees to continuously contribute to the success of your business it is particularly important to employ them according to their abilities.

Working Conditions: How is it possible to maximize the employment of older employees and to benefit from their experience as long as possible?

Create age-appropriate processes and workplaces to avoid excessive demands. Thereby group work and special tasks are more effective than assembly line work and simple activities. It is important to profitably utilize experiences rather than counting on physical effort.

Knowledge transfer: How to transfer knowledge between older and younger employees in the best ways?

Take different approaches to continue the employment of experienced staff even after they reached retirement age (e.g. as a part-time ‘Senior Adviser’). It is important to have an appreciation of the work and experience of older workers and to integrate it into the corporate culture. The motivation of this target group is encouraged by active listening.

Mentoring and intensive teamwork in mixed teams with younger employees are good ways to create a smooth and fun infused knowledge transfer. For older people it often is a pleasure to share their knowledge for a continuous time and build up young people. It is important that the knowledge transfer is structured and carried out over a longer period as well as intelligently documenting the content.

Our procedure!

We support you through our standardized approach to the efficient establishment of new concepts so your older employees can continue making a major contribution in your company. We analyze your challenges for age-related work and knowledge transfer in order to uncover the main fields of action in your company. Together with you and your employees we then develop the appropriate concepts and help you with their acceptance-orientated implementation.