Project: Establishing innovation management in order to increase net present value
Client: Medium-sized enterprise with focus on machine and equipment production

Despite being able to gather many innovative ideas from the employees in how to improve products our client was not able to roll out product improvements or innovations. Our client therefore decided to ask us for help in developing and implementing of an innovation management process by managing an innovation project.

Together with our client we defined a specific innovation process which met our client’s unique requirements regarding his organizational structure. As a result a new temporary technology department was created and we were able to show a number of entirely new approaches to technology adoption.

While piloting and establishing this new process, we determined different ideas regarding net present values and we therefore were able to just focus on economically successful projects and keep prototyping costs to a minimum.
Client’s benefits:

During this project we were able to establish a new innovation process which was both widely accepted by the employees and focused on the economic benefit to the company. By applying it our client is now able to combine technical and economic perspectives on new ideas during an early stage of product development and therefore minimize production costs while maximizing the ability to roll out innovations.